​​​Lead Planner and the Events by Elle Right Hand Lady 

I believe that everything happens for a reason.  
I am
A perfectionist, compassionate, driven and adventurous

"There is no such thing as a work life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life."
-Alain DeBotton

Love Story
About Time 
Fine Line Sophistication
My family, my dog
& fresh flowers

Spicy, salty & anything lemon
My planner, lipstick, heels, throw pillows & mermaids

Karoline came to Events by Elle as an intern.  After spending a few months with this rising star, we knew she was here to stay.  She is one of those once in a lifetime gems.  When you find her, you never want to let her go!  Her attention to detail make for flawless events from start to finish.  Her planning binders are the envy of all and second only to her amazing dance skills.  When she’s not kicking off her heels at the studio designing happily ever after’s, she can be found cheering her heart out with the Royals KCrew throughout the Kansas City Royals baseball season.
Karoline is the gal wearing 4 inch heels at a wedding from beginning to end with no complaints.  She has the uncanny ability to use words like “Fab-u” and “Tres” without raising so much as an eyebrow.  Her passion is organization, her love is in the details and this lady literally never stops.  If she’s not planning for an Events by Elle affair, she is planning recruitment for her sorority! Down time, you ask? She spends it on the run...literally! How else do you build stamina for an Events by Elle soiree? Did we mention she never stops?​