​​​Founder, Event Producer and Marketing Guru 

I cannot kill a living thing, not even an ugly spider.  
I am
A romantic, sassy,
honest & confident 

"Be an encourager. The world has plenty of critics already."
-Dave Willis

Love Story
Dirty Dancing
​All that Glitters
My kiddos, XO's & Laughter
Champagne, pasta,
donuts & cheese

Summer nights,
elevator buttons,
a good book & big cities

Michelle is a founder of Events by Elle. She is the salt to Jonnelle’s margarita and the powerhouse pushing Events by Elle on to the next best thing. She’s never afraid to try something new and loves nothing more than when that something new creates a spark that turns into a flame. Her theme song around the studio is, “That Girl is on Fire,” and she’s not shy about singing it from the top of her lungs!
Design has always played center stage in Michelle’s life; the way a fabric falls, the ambiance created with lighting, the pop of color that can transform a room. She doesn’t just think outside the box, she thinks of what to DO with the box. Her style is infused with a gracefulness and calmness that our brides fall in love with. She has an ability to relate to every client and understand their perspective. She’s direct and to the point yet genuine and charming. She has a listening ear larger than life and truly loves when an event comes together because of her communication with
clients, their families and vendors.
Outside of Events by Elle, Michelle can be found bee bopping all over Kansas City spreading that contagious energy that makes us all smile. She loves taking her kiddos to new places, trying new foods and meeting new people. When she has exhausted herself of being on the go, her favorite place is poolside sipping champagne while thinking of her next Instagram post for Events by Elle. 
Ok, so she might be a work-aholic.



Photography by Claire Ryser​​​​​​​​